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Quality engagements
Le Bouquet Nantais guaranties the delivery of a bouquet made as you want it to be.

We guaranty your entire satisfaction and will replace or reimburse your order in case of non-conformity.
Our secrets to offer you the best quality
Freshness’s secret :
Each day, flowers arrive at Bouquet Nantais directly from producers or by the quickest channels. They’re transformed by our trained florists the day before delivery and shipped by express carriers. Before each delivery, stems are cut and placed in special water buckets to ensure maximum hydration. To preserve quality and freshness of flowers, some bouquets are traveling in a container having a base of water. The stems are hydrated until arrival at your destination.

Packaging’s secret :
Your bouquet is shipped via special gift boxes to ensure a optimal protection. That way your bouquet travels in the best conditions.

Delivery’s secret :
Our deliveries are done in less than 24h by express shippers (Chronopost).

The secret of your choice : Our prices !
A wide range of prices offered to you, from 12 € TTC to 56 € TTC shipping not included.
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